Bike Maldives

Bike Maldives

Biking is considered one of the best exercise to remain fit and healthy. It needs to be developed as competitive sports in the society. Global warming is the real problem now and the solution to this is to minimize the use of petroleum engines and automobiles. Cycling not only keeps you fit and healthy but promotes a healthier environment that is free of air pollution and other such pollutions that are being the cause of global warming.

Bike Maldives took a great initiative of activities based organization that seeks to promote biking as a daily activity and alternative of many other means of traveling. Bike Maldives has a vision of making Maldives a biking nation. Taking such a beneficial to society mission nation-wide is a great step towards a healthier society and a clean and fresh environment.

It leads toward many benefits such as environmental benefits, health benefits, economic benefits and societal benefits as well. Being a member of such an organization that is working for such a cause is a blessing to you. Promoting the health conscious life style is the need of the time.


To promote cycling in Maldives, Three people played a very important part in making Bike Maldives what it is today and they are very optimistic towards the future of this organization. These people are working very hard to provide guidance on improving bike facilities and enhancing education for this sector. They are working all the time to encourage the people to use bikes for transport, recreation and sports as well.

Madih Ismail

Madih Ismail, a sports events organizer and a veteran sports enthusiastic came up with the idea for the first time in Maldives. The idea was to sustain healthier lifestyle in a clean environment by promoting cycling in the society. Madih needed people who can bring this idea to reality by joining in with him. He discussed the idea with Ahmed Hassan Didi.

Ahmed Hassan Didi

Ahmed Hassan Didi developed the strategy with island communities and many other stakeholders and came up with an organization that they named as Bike Maldives. Ahdidi production became the founder of Biking Maldives with Madih Ismail and together they formed a 5-year strategy for the organization. Ahmed Hassan Didi is a very good strategic planner and a sports administrator. He has a lot of cricket administration experience at Maldives. The challenge was to develop a biking strategy and it was well developed by Ahmed Hassan Didi.

Zulekha Hassan Didi

Zulekha Hassan Didi became the 3 rd founder of Biking Maldives. She is the current president of Bikers Maldives as well. She came back to Maldives after spending some years overseas. She started gathering people who were in support of the biking strategy. Now the goal was to gather more people and make it an organization that encourages biking and takes the message to all over Maldives.


Biking Maldives needed an IT personnel that can do all of the IT work for them. Bassam, an entrepreneur and hard-working IT personnel joined Bike Maldives and became the 4 th founder of the organization.

Bike Maldives President Massage

It’s my dream, a dream to make Maldives a biking nation.

Bike Maldives now in its 3 rd year of existence is working hard on creating awareness on healthy life style while protecting our environment from the emission of hazardous gas.

Maldives is a nation with a history of biking life style. People have been commuting from place to place using bicycles as the mode of transportation.

World is today cautious about various methods of creating opportunities for people to chooses various forms as mode of transportations. Bike friendly environment is being created with new infrastructure development and rephrasing the composition of the roads. Bike lanes and safe biking areas are becoming common. Bike sharing systems are in place.

Our hope is to make people aware of these new developments and hopefully we go back to bike in new few years.

Maldives have small islands good enough for total biking concept. Bike is again seen as sign of development. There are new trends as biking become the life style for modern people. Our objective is to create this trend. Make bike our mode of transportation.

Also, we have a message to our young. We are introducing bike sports and adventure. We have lot to explore in the Maldives and so introduction of bike adventure tours and competitive bike championship, we will open a new door for millions of bikers around the world to visit us and make us part of the global biking family.

Bike Maldives is open for people young and old, people of all works of life. We are a family. Anyone who is interested about protecting our fragile environment, create safer roads, and adopt biking for a healthy life style you have a place in Bike Maldives.

Join us and make it happen.

Zulaikha Hasan Didi