We are now officially registered as the Bicycle Association of Maldives.

Why Bike Maldives?

BM's objective is to adopt a healthy life style through biking while creating awareness on protecting our fragile environment from the emission of hazardes gases.

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Use Strava to have your activities recorded and create challenges

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Opportunity to set daily, weekly and monthly goals and keep challenging.

Our pricing plans

Everyone have the opportunity to be apart of Bike Maldives. Whether you are an individual , a cycling club , NGO or a corporate company you can be a part of our movement. Please find below different options. Join us to take maximum benefit.


MVR 500 / Yr

Includes cycling clubs and teams who want to join our competitions be a part of our activities.

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Individual Members

MVR 100 / Yr

Bike Family who want to be a part of cycling family and participate in our rides from time to time.

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Associate Members

MVR 300 / Yr

Social Clubs or NGO organisations who want to be a part of our activities and challenges.

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This is the opportunity for you to keep track of your records and also your position with your daily achievement. Time to challenge and be fit.

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Recent News

You will find latest news about Bike Maldives all over the media from Latest Dhivehi news and English new articles. Public engagements and event event related news from us will all be covered here.

ބައިކް މޯލްޑިވްސްއާ ނެސްލޭ ގުޅިގެން 100 ކުއްޖަކަށް ބައިސްކަލް ހަދިޔާކޮށްފި

by, 11/03/2017

ބައިކް އެސޯސިއޭޝަން އޮފް މޯލްޑިވްސް (ބައިކް މޯލްޑިވްސް)އާ ނެސްލޭ ގުޅިގެން 100 ކުއްޖަކަށް ބައިސްކަލް ހަދިޔާކޮށްފިއެވެ.

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Our Partners

We are building partner ship with series of professionals, organizations, institutions and associates engaged in related activities.

Public Sector Media
Public Sector Media
Male Fitness Club
Male Fitness Club
Giyaasudheen International School
Giyaasudheen International School